What the World Needs


Click below to understand what you need to thrive in a world that's falling apart. Click below to understand that you were created with a purpose in mind.           


Help Our Mission


It will cost money to get this barge from port to port, to offer free Bibles, for staff, even to simply operate this website. Help us continue to spread the Word of Jesus to the world. Help us build this barge.

This watercraft is the modern-day
equivalent of the Apostle Peter’s fishing
boat – except that it is designed for a
different type of catch. It is meant to
carry the message of Christ to hearts that
need to hear the Gospel message and to
see the Kingdom of God move from
declaration to demonstration.

 Remember the Cross 


Make Checks Payable to:

Erie Canal Light Transformations, Inc. 
c/o Steve VonBerg, Treasurer
PO Box 240
Spencerport, NY 14559

How to Know God is Really There


The evidence for God is everywhere. God's fingerprint is in the Bible, it's in science, history, mathematics, and can even be found in your own fingerprints. Click below to begin to understand this.

We’re on a mission to build and launch a Christ-inspired barge
on the waters of the Erie Canal. Why? We believe one of the
next moves of God is coming to the shores of the Erie Canal.
This barge is meant to be a platform for advancing and
facilitating that move with the use of things like

multi-media platforms for sharing testimonials

and Christian apologetics. However, there is also

interest in using theatre, drama and other

creative or interactive means for creating

engagement with the communities

that touch the canal’s shores.