President - John Hoben 

John is a soldier of bible ministry. He is an investor and business devoloper who specializes in networking and finding the right people to spread God’s Word. He is a strategic planner in business development and sales. Some previous clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, Raytheon, The World Bank, and Constellation Energy. 

Secretary - Joel Hoomans 

Joel is director and professor of management and leadership studies at Roberts Wesleyan College. He is the son of a pastor and teacher and spreads the Good Word to inspire others. He specializes in conflict resolution, labor relations, human reources, planning and development, courage development, and team building. 

Treasurer - Steve Von Berg 

Steve is CEO of the Center for Information Services. He is an experienced entrepre­neur and business leader in the information technology industry and knowledge­able in cyber security. He is a board member of the Charles Finney School. 


Glory Barge Board Members