The Mission 

Erie Canal Light Transformations Inc. (ECLTI) is a New York State non-profit 501c3 corporation. It was developed as a unique, multi-media contemporary platform based on Judeo-Christian principles. A core focus of ECLTI’s barge platform is to share the transformational and nurturing power of Jesus Christ in the personal stories of individuals throughout the Erie Canal Historic Corridor, to bear witness that He is “The Light” of nations throughout the world.

​Since 1800 AD, the Erie Canal region has witnessed numerous revivals and gospel outreaches including those led by Asahel Nettleton and Charles Finney. Throughout this region’s past 200 plus years, the people have seen corresponding economic and religion booms and busts. A spiritual thirst for the gospel is greater now than ever, which has been built on this spiritual foundation. The Holy Spirit is leading ECLTI to develop a strategy to reach individuals along the canal and in New York, based on a history of Christian seed-sowing, bolstered by local leaders with a passion for reaching these populations, including the incarcerated who have been released, the homeless (in particular military veterans), those with special needs or disabilities, and all the special souls created in God’s image.

A core focus of ECLTI’s barge platform is to share the power of Jesus Christ throughout the Erie Canal Corridor.  ​

The Vision